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Traffic Specialist for Liquids - Zug Switzerland (Engl, Ger)
Trafficadministration - Specialist (male or female)

Traffic Specialist for an international Biofuel Trading Company in Zug
Important: Experiences in Biofuel
Male or Female (100%)

Main duties and tasks within the worldwide traffic operation are the following: Regular contact with suppliers/customers/ship-owners/tank terminals/ surveyors/field offices. Maintaines personal contacts on a day-to-day basis with suppliers/ customers/ship owners/tank terminals/surveyors/field offices and subsidiaries.Responsible for organizing and controlling shipments of his commodities and dealing with payments, claims, invoicing and all related documentation.

Shipping: Organizing progress of the shipments during the entire vessel’s voyage. This includes liaising with the ship’s operators, agents, surveyors, etc.

Internal work
Inter-office e-mail exchange, phone calls and direct links with traders for the execution of contracts. Communcation with the Accounting Department with regard to contract liquidation, bookings and bi-weekly P&Ls as well as with the Treasury and Trade Finance Departments with regard to the accounts receivables.
- creating /issuing contracts (contract administration)
- creating/issuing L/C documents
- sending B/L instructions
- creating letters of indemnity
- ordering Certificates of Origin
- vouchering primary and secondary costs
- entering trade data into trading system
- issuing invoices
- talking to surveyors/inspection companies
- assisting operations staff in their daily activities

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June 2020

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