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Trafficmitarbeiter-In für Tradingfirma (Ru, Eng / some Ger) Zug

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Looking for an experienced

Traffic Specialist for an international Trading Company in Zug Switzerland (Ru, Eng, Ger)
Languages: Russian, English and some German
Male or Female (100%)

Main duties and tasks within the worldwide traffic operation are the following: Regular contact with suppliers/customers/ship-owners/tank terminals/ surveyors/field offices. Maintaines personal contacts on a day-to-day basis with suppliers/ customers/ship owners/tank terminals/surveyors/field offices and subsidiaries.Responsible for organizing and controlling shipments of his commodities and dealing with payments, claims, invoicing and all related documentation.

Organizing progress of the shipments during the entire vessel’s voyage. This includes liaising with the ship’s operators, agents, surveyors, etc.

Internal work
Inter-office e-mail exchange, phone calls and direct links with traders for the execution of contracts. Communcation with the Accounting Department with regard to contract liquidation, bookings and bi-weekly P&Ls as well as with the Treasury and Trade Finance Departments with regard to the accounts receivables.
- creating /issuing contracts (contract administration)
- creating/issuing L/C documents
- sending B/L instructions
- creating letters of indemnity
- ordering Certificates of Origin
- vouchering primary and secondary costs
- entering trade data into trading system
- issuing invoices
- talking to surveyors/inspection companies
- assisting operations staff in their daily activities

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January 2020/zs

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